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Gallery Preparation

The Fun-A-Day show at Gallery 788 is getting closer! I've been busy getting everything ready to hang. Yesterday's task was spray painting 31 frames.

All 31 5x7 prints will be framed in gold - as is the only way to present the visage of Mr. Murray.
I also got my proof of the JanuMurray book!

I've been working with Fireball Printing to get them just right. They're really nice and easy to work with. It looks like I still have a few corrections to make before giving the go-ahead to get all 25 printed, but by March they will be signed and available to own!

Also, I finally was able to borrow a copy of St. Vincent from the library, so I will certainly be drawing a Bill Murray portrait from that (separate from the Fun-A-Day/ JanuMurray project, of course!)

Now that this project is starting to wind down, I'm looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, however, I will be hiding in my room until winter is over.

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